The DD2 is a compact cellular 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT tracking device with a variety of inputs and outputs, and driver-ID capability, to cater for entry-level tracking and fleet management applications, without sacrificing performance or reliability.
Its compact housing contains the GPS and cellular antennas, and the 12-wire connector means that all of the DD2’s functionality can be easily accessed – and makes installation a breeze.

The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed. The 3D accelerometer and flash memory round out a product that is low cost but still packs a punch. The DD2 can simultaneously use GPS and GLONASS satellites, providing double the number of positioning satellites than standard tracking products. The result is faster acquisition and more accurate and reliable tracking.


  • Affordable and reliable, with excellent performance
  • Compact 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB-IoT
  • Concurrent GPS and GLONASS tracking, with LNA amplified signals
  • 3D accelerometer does driver behaviour monitoring including harsh braking
  • Easy install & easy to conceal
  • Variety of inputs and outputs, including Driver ID options
  • Outputs allow for remote immobilization of assets


Choose an Operating Package

There are two Tracking Package which includes Telstra Data Sim Card

TP 1 – one location plot per day

  • TP 1B – $132 per device per annum *

TP 24 – Live plotting 24/7

  • TP 24B – $250 per device per annum *

*all prices excluding GST

To select monthly fees per device please contact 90249400 or email on sales@datalinktech.com.au

Installation can be managed by qualified electrician or Datalink Technologies.