Datalink Technologies is an innovator in voice, wireless data and GPS tracking solutions.


We deliver progressive tracking, reporting and communication tools to improve productivity in your organization.


Suited for any type of application you require.


Customizable for your business needs.

Welcome to Datalink Technologies!

We are an innovator in Voice, Wireless Data &​ GPS Tracking Solutions.

About Our Company

Australian owned and operated for over 25 years, Datalink Technologies is an innovator in voice, wireless data and GPS tracking solutions. We deliver progressive tracking, reporting and communication tools to improve productivity in your organization.


Extensive range of innovative devices.

Fully integrated device management and tracking software.

Tested and proven solutions for every application and industry sector.

Our own hardware and software development team.

Quality certain and reliability assured means less support effort.

Our Solutions

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Suited for any type of application you require.


Support Specialists

Providing the best in tailored product and service solutions, Our Sales Engineers balance the functional requirements for vehicles and equipment with the operational needs of your business.

Leading the Industry

Our in-house software engineers specialize in developing custom software solutions.

Project Management

Whether your business is introducing fleet wide GPS Tracking or Radio Communications, upgrading hardware or adding vehicles to your fleet, Datalink provide project management services to support your needs.

Equipment Service & Installation

Datalink technicians provide service and support for our range of Radio units and GPS Tracking devices.

Software Development, Modification Custom Reporting

Our in-house software engineering team developed Datalink’s Fleet Management System (DFMS); a geographic mapping and reporting software program that supports the in-vehicle Megatrak V4 GPS Tracking System.


Extensive Range of Innovative Telematics Products

Access to the newest, most innovative products out there means that you can establish your business as a leader in the minds of your customers.

Fully Integrated Hardware and Software

A seamlessly integrated hardware and software solution means that you do not have to suffer the “fiddle factor!”

Proven Solutions for Every Industry Sector

Our solutions were built to solve industry problems, and to solve them properly.

Willing, Able and Agile Enough to Build Your Solution

Every customer application has unique nuances and specifics so sometimes it is hard to use an off-the-shelf solution.

Quality and Reliability Means Less Support Effort

Quality, reliable hardware and seamlessly integrated software that is proven means that the system just runs the way it should from start to finish!

Software Engineers

Our skilled in-house software engineering team develop custom GPS asset tracking software solutions.​ This progressive group continuously benchmark Datalink’s products against international providers, delivering optimal Voice, Wireless Data and GPS Tracking solutions.

Support Specialists

Datalink’s Sales Engineers and Infield Technical Team are trained to provide tailored GPS tracking or asset tracking software solutions that support your business’s operational needs and functional vehicle, asset or equipment tracking requirements

Project Management

Our responsive support team provide a range of project management services for all kinds of GPS tracking or asset tracking projects, including on-demand customer assistance, servicing, installation and repairs at our Rowville Head Office or on-site nationally.



Datalink Technologies distributor of Vertel’s POC solution by TASSTA.

Vertel, Australia’s largest privately owned telecommunications carrier, has partnered with Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solution provider TASSTA, to develop and bring to market an enhanced voice, data and video messaging service for organisations with business, mission and life-critical operations. Vertel’s PoC service is a fully integrated offering that is set to be a ‘game-changer’ for instant…

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4G Cat-M1 and NB-IoT Devices

Datalink Technology and its partners is working on an exciting new range of devices using the latest cellular 4G IoT technology: 4G LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT. These new versions of the 4G network offer great new benefits, in particular for our battery-powered device range.Here’s what you need to know. The 4G / LTE specifications have…

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