Bluetooth Tracking Devices (Indoor & Outdoor)

Datalink’s asset control utilises Bluetooth technology to send data to the asset control platform resulting in a cost effective, power saving solution. With local hardware support and the ability to customize a flexible solution, Bluetooth powered asset control will ensure your organization can accurately track and report on asset management.

GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Datalink’s product range & technological options are scalable for use across a range of vehicles and industries; from logistics to agriculture, the services sector, fleet management and mining industries.​

GPS Asset Tracking & Management

Our low profile, durable GPS asset trackers are designed to track non-powered assets for up to 5 years. Available as 3G, SigFox or LoRaWan our asset trackers provide exceptionally long battery life without sacrificing the frequency of updates or the accuracy of performance.

Two-Way Radios / Push-to-Talk

The two-way radio continues to improve business productivity and workplace safety; delivering reliable, cost effective and instant communications. Datalink specialises in providing niche communication solutions for Education, Government and Industries, with a keen focus on safety.

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