Tassta T.Flex POC for Admin and Despatch Operations

Professional Management & Control Center Solution designed for Push-To-Talk and Emergency Users.
  • Group Call, Individual Call, Priority Call & Emergency Call
  • Remote Control
  • Text and Data Exchange
  • Status Message
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Voice Recording and Call History
  • GPS Location, History Tracker and Route
  • Task Management
  • Indoor Locatisation

T.Flex is TASSTA’s application designed for smartphones or tablets but also desktop computers. T.Flex is running on IP networks (2G/ 3G/ 4G/ Wifi) powered by the most popular operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows.

T.Flex provides maximum operational capability with a modern user interface and keeps high availability even on slow data networks.The T.Flex provides “always on” PTT operation, Messaging & Status Messages, Voice Recording, and GPS location management.

T.Flex can run in parallel with your other business applications, allowing device integration capability. Fully managed by T.Commander, the T.Flex application is always in your control. The application provides including additional features for better functionality and more possibilities in critical situations.

Group Call

The core function of any two-way radio system. Push-to-talk (PTT) allows a single person to reach hundreds of users in groups with a single button press. TASSTA supports PTT group call using high-speed IP networks and providing superb audio quality. With T.Rodon, it’s possible to make multiple group calls and see all users on the network from single or multiple screens.

Individual Call

Allows users to communicate privately outside of a group. A one-to-one simplex call is easy and fast to set up- this feature provides the dispatcher a secure user-to-user simplex voice communication with the press of a button. A private message can be conveyed between a user in the field and the dispatch point. The user rejoins his groups when the personal call is complete.

Priority Call

The TASSTA users can assign a priority level. Often, dispatchers are given the highest priority on the network, allowing them to take control of the channel to coordinate events. Priority call gives them the ability to take the channel from the subscribers in the field and ensure their messages get through.

Emergency Call

The emergency call feature is designed to keep the T.Flex user safe and in contact with help. It is programmed for use in emergency or distress situations. The T.Flex user initiates the emergency- from the display or a pre-programmed emergency button on the device- The activation of emergency immediately send an alarm (tones) to other users and the dispatcher alerting them of an emergency. The user is immediately granted a voice channel for hands-free communication. The emergency stays in place until the event rectifies. If GPS is enabled, others know the location of the person in distress.

Remote Control

The T.Flex operator can access the microphone or camera of the desired user remotely. It might be essential for critical environments like security services or military where the person can be attacked or working under high-risk conditions.

Text and Data Exchange

Real-time exchange of free form text messages between individual users or groups. The user you have left your message for getting an instant notification message (tone and icon). The messages are color-coded to indicate if they have been read. Offline users receive their messages immediately when they reconnect to the network.

Status Messages

The TASSTA status messages are optimized for the exchange of predefined status messages or user-defined messages. Predefined status messages provide the most efficient coding of user messages where possible. The T.Flex users can send and receive status messages that are preconfigured in T.Commander. Both point-to-point (individual messages) and point-to-multipoint (group messages) are supported.

Lone Worker Protection

An automatic emergency option (Man Down). It uses the accelerometer on the mobile device to detect a fall and sends a text message alert to the emergency contact. The automated Man Down Alerting has proven to be an effective way to make the workplace a safer and healthier place for all levels of employees. The TASSTA LWP is an emergency beacon in an employee’s pocket. Whether the lone workers are working in a remote or dangerous location or they are just temporarily away from their team, it keeps the user connected to people.

Voice Recording and Call History

The TASSTA System has unparalleled voice recording and call history capabilities, allowing users to recall a missed called or hear a message that may have been left while they were offline. TASSTA can maintain call records on the network for months of voice communication between all users. To see call details and replay records T.Flex Mobile has a History Interface in the Main Menu. This feature is entirely programmable within the T.Commander, putting you 100% in control of the network.

GPS Localization

T.Flex is integrated with the device (smartphone or tablet) GPS receiver. Tracking information from each user can be uploaded to the network (in real-time). Users can track themselves or other users on a map within their T.Flex interface with an accuracy to the street/house number. Localization is a great way to maintain location awareness of team members and also be able to respond quickly in an emergency.

GPS History Tracker

Depending on the customer requirements, it can quickly turn the mobile devices into a cost-effective, portable communication terminal, with an unlimited coverage area, which includes a GPS tracking function ability.

GPS Route

The T.Flex has a compelling feature that allows us to see user locations on the map. On the T.Flex Map, you can see the TASSTA user’s locations in real-time with accuracy up to the street and house number. GPS data from each user can be retrieved from TASSTA server to draw the route in a particular time frame.

Task Management

Advanced capabilities for managing inventory, invoices, and tracking deliveries. Task Manager provides users with issue management capabilities. It includes manual and automated processing algorithms with a real-time status update, user management & positioning, reporting, and management information. We can even integrate into other TASSTA services, web clients, and external databases.

Indoor Localization

Determine your and other user’s indoor location. Indoor localization is a significant complement segment to GPS. Unlike GPS, it does not provide global coverage, but it is more accurate, efficient, and adaptive to local indoor environments like airports, metro stations, tunnels, and other areas.

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