GPS Fleet & Vehicle Tracking
Fleet Management

GPS Tracking solutions and Radio Communications systems are adapted to suit large and small transport fleets. We deliver tracking and location data in live or passive reporting systems for increased vehicle productivity.

Asset Location

Our range of battery powered devices differ in size, performance and functionality to suit most applications.   The advanced configuration options managed out of our cloud management device platform, allow the user to train the device to report at intervals that suit the application need and power usage constraints.


Arguably the main reason for GPS tracking the world over.  Recovery of STOLEN and LOST assets.

The Data Link Technology devices are reliable and accurate, ideal for live tracking assets in the event of theft, or generating an alarm to notify the owner / operator of an incident.

Health & Safety

Our scalable GPS and communications solutions suit any fleet size. Driver ID tags monitor driver behaviour for improved fleet safety and turn-by-turn reports deliver the best tracking resolution.

Agriculture & Agtech

Remote locations are covered by our range of radio communications and network options. Our GPS reporting system adapts as vehicles move in and out of mobile range by saving, then auto-forwarding up to 30,000 events.

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