Bluetooth Tracking Devices (Indoor & Outdoor)

A Bluetooth tracking device signal is transmitted from the beacon to the relays known as “zones” / span.
Datalink Technologies asset control utilises Bluetooth technology to send data to the asset control platform resulting in a cost effective, power saving solution. With local hardware support and the ability to customize a flexible solution, Bluetooth powered asset control will ensure your organization can accurately track and report on asset management.


Beacons are attached to equipment, stock or people.


A bluetooth signal is transmitted to the Relays known as Zones.


Location data is received and displayed on your screen.

Bluetooth tracking devices are usually recommended for indoor use due to the fact that Bluetooth technology relies on the device itself (the beacon) to send a signal to the receiver (the relay) and so the two must be within a close proximity of each other (about 30 or 40 meters). Therefore they are not suggested for the use of theft prevention as once the beacon is far enough away from the relay then GPS tracking will cease to exist. Applications where they are most useful would be in hospitals or schools where equipment needs to be monitored and easily found within the property that is kept. So in order for the asset to be tracked it needs to stay within ranges of the relay devices. For other types of asset tracking you could GPS Asset tracking (battery required) and management or GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management (self powered assets). GPS tracking works on a different technology that can help you locate an asset anywhere on the planet as it does not use a relay to tracking to find the asset.

  • Fast and Efficient – Real time location on demand.
  • Reports and data analysis
  • Asset management inventory built in
  • Flexible platform tailored to your individual business needs
  • Advanced Mapping for visual representation of location


Real time location of indoor assets

Current Offering

Real time positioning of assets:

  • Beds
  • Keys
  • Wheelchairs
  • All assets!

Bluetooth offering for supreme connection reliability


  • Easy user interface for finding assets in real-time
  • Advanced search module
  • Asset management module
  • Ability to apply ownership to assets
  • User login
  • Secure Local Network

Advanced Features

  • Historical feedback (last 5 or 6 zones).
  • Monitor & analyse asset movement
  • Floor-Plan MAP – Show assets on map
  • Map Search – View a specific area or zone in 2D maps
  • Dashboards – Real time data for quick feedback
  • Reports
  • Email alerts.

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