TA-388 Handheld

  • 1.44 TFT with 128×128 Pixels & 65k Colours
  • 4x Quick Select User Programmable Function Keys
  • Keypad Lock
  • Build-In GPS Receiver
  • 5200 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Torch
  • USB & Drop-in Desktop Charging
  • Signal Strength and Battery Level Indicator

TA-388 Handheld –

Private calls 

Private calls can be made by choosing the required radio ID. 

Voice recording

All communication is recorded on the platform and available for instant reply. 

Global Positioning System 

The TA-388 offers GPS tracking via the dispatch station software, showing speed, distance travelled and time.


The platform offers dispatcher software that allows the customer to be in control of their own network. 

Group calls 

Group calls can be made by choosing the required radio IDs. 

Send messages 

The operator can send instant voice and text messages to a radio. All sent messages are recorded on the server.

Unlimited coverage 

Utilising existing GSM networks, the TA-388 offers wide area coverage. 

In building reception 

Utilising GSM, the spectrum allows for enhanced reception. 

Stun function 

The operator can stun a radio should the radio be stolen or abused. The radio can be reactivated by the controller.


Dimensions 120mm x 60mm x 40mm
Weight 268g
Working Temperature -30°C to +75°C
Ingress Protection IP54
Working Voltage 3.3v ~ 4.2v (standard 3.8v)
Battery 5200mAh
Working Current: 220mA @ GSM 850
Peak Current: 0.8A
Audio Output 1W
WCDMA Band 5 : 850Mhz
Maximum Output GSM/GPRS 850Mhz
Power Class 4
(+33dBm +2.5dBm /-0.5dBM)
Receiving Sensitivity GSM850 ≤ –106dBm
GPS GPS Positioning, 1.57542Ghz
Sensitivity Catch –144dBm, Track –159dBm
Data Speed GSM CS:UL 9.6kpbs / DL 9.6kpbs
GPRS: Multi-slot Class 10
EDGE: Multi-slot Class 12
WCDMA CS: UL 64kpds / DL 64kpds
WCDMA PS: UL 384kpds / DL 384kpds


Note: Due to continuous development, the above is subject to change without notice

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