The challenges of ensuring staff welfare and safety

This is a challenging space particularly for large enterprises operating in high risk environments.

Datalink Technologies has a range of devices to assist organisations in providing a means of early communication for exception events. The added benefit is these devices provide asset and fleet management data too which justifies the ROI at times.

Identifying the safety issues and building a process

Datalink Technologies and its partners look for key safety requirements that can be identified to apply the appropriate device technology along with the functionality of our Fleet Management Software.

The key to providing a robust safety plan is in covering all the typical bases such as:

  • Lone Worker – who are they? where are they working? what is the potential risk?
  • Remote Worker – where are they traveling? are they alone? have they got the necessary equipment?
  • Driver Behaviour – what are the standards? how are they to be implemented? who is measuring the outcomes?
  • Compliance – what are the regulations? how do they apply to staff and assets? how do we ensure they are met?

With this sort of approach, the Safety and Compliance Officers can identify the best device for the job, and what exception events and notifications need to be put in place to ensure all high risk activities are catered for.


  • GPS location tracking
  • Man-down
  • Journey Management
  • SOS duress notifications