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Datalink Technologies is often commissioned by Automotive dealers to provide an onsite supply and installation services for secondary battery systems, flashing warning lights, CB and Commercial Radios, Closed Circuit Vehicle Camera Systems, GPS Tracking Equipment, and Cell Fi Cellular Boosters.

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CB and Commercial Radios

We can supply most major brands of Commercial two-way radios as well as CB radios.

Closed Circuit Vehicle Camera Systems

We can offer an extensive range of camera and hard drive recording systems for monitoring activity in and around a vehicle.

Secondary Battery Systems

We supply and install recreational off-road operation, operating fridges, lights, etc. Or when a work vehicle has a number of major items needing power during a work day. A secondary battery is used to power these additional items preventing un-necessary use of the vehicle battery.

We use a Redarc battery charger and Lithium batteries either installed under a rear seat or somewhere else in the vehicle. Lithium batteries give long life and give of zero fumes when being charged.

Flashing Strobe Warning Lights

We supply and install either fixed mounted or magnetic base, with 10 different flash modes. Various models available.

GPS Tracking Equipment

We offer the supply and installation of an extensive range of GPS tracking devices.

Cell Fi Cellular Boosters

Supply and installation of advanced equipment designed to boost cellular signal in low signal areas.